Our Story

The Enchanted Planets started with the hope of bringing more knowledge and understanding to people about the incredible powers and benefits of herbs & Flowers. From easing the feeling of anxiety to getting rid of that headache, they really are a beautiful, natural remedy. 
From someone who has suffered with anxiety my whole life and not even understanding it was anxiety until a couple of years ago, I thought I was just weird and different but then realised there was a lot more people like me out there than I'd ever imagined! I wanted to find a solution to help ease it in the most natural way possible that didn't mean I had to get hooked on prescription drugs, as this seemed to be my only option when speaking out about it. As I've learnt  & experimented more with herbs, I am truly amazed at their powers and abilities to interact with the human body. As I continue to learn, I want to bring you all along with me and show you the world of herbs so that next time you get a headache, you don't run for the painkiller box, instead you brew up a cuppa and let natural remedies help. Let's get real old school and learn more about all of these amazing powers that grow around us and really start listening to our minds & bodies instead of fogging them up. 
So come to the enchanted side - it's full of happiness, clarity, fungi & fairies!!